Status Quo

I am currently (March 2024-March 2025) a visiting medical (MD) student researcher at NYU OLAB under the supervsion of Dr. Eric Oermann. After completing this research experience, I plan to return to finish my MD at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. At this stage of my soul-searching I am most likely to pursue a carreer in emergency medicine critical care anesthesiology neurosurgery cardiac surgery neurosurgery.

Research-wise, I am curious about

  1. artificial intelligence, and why might neural networks have some already
  2. human intelligence, and why I might not have any still.

Most of my recent work has been on Large Language Models (LLMs), after they became cool.

Road So Far

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS in Computer Science in May 2019 and an MSE in Applied Mathematics & Statistics in December 2019. While a student there I was fortunate to be advised by Suchi Saria and Avanti Athreya.

During COVID my gap year I worked as an Assistant Research Engineer at my alma mater’s Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics. I was a part of the NeuroData lab and primarily worked with Carey Priebe on various problems in statistical graph inference and with Joshua Vogelstein on causal inference from observational health data.

I started an MD-PhD program at Washington University School of Medicine in 2021, but later decided to only pursue the first two letters out of five.

My previous research interests involved statistical inference on connectome networks, diagnostic and prognostic clinical decision support tools and other intersections of statistics and medicine. I especially appreciate causal inference machine learning methods and tools.

Every math answer I give you is always up to a sign/inverse/reciprocal/transpose/etc. Constants are overrated.