I am an MD-PhD student at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. My primary research interests are development of diagnostic clinical decision support tools and other intersections of statistics and medicine. I especially appreciate causal inference machine learning methods and tools.

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS in Computer Science in May 2019 and an MSE in Applied Mathematics & Statistics in December 2019. While a student there I was fortunate to be advised by Suchi Saria and Avanti Athreya.

During COVID my gap year I worked as an Assistant Research Engineer at my alma mater’s Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics. I was a part of the NeuroData lab and primarily worked with Carey Priebe on various problems in statistical graph inference and with Joshua Vogelstein on causal inference from observational health data.

Every math answer I give you is always up to a sign/inverse/reciprocal/transpose/etc. Constants are overrated.